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Welcome to the website for the INDCAN Cricket Club. We are a group of cricket enthusiasts who play indoor/outdoor cricket year around. We encourage people of all backgrounds, ages and skill levels to come and join in on our love for the game! We are a not-for-profit cricket club registered under the Society Act of BC.

The seed of our cricket club was sown in a coffee shop in Burnaby in October, 2006. A group of individuals, passionate about cricket, decided to form a club to promote cricket awareness amongst youngsters in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland and to provide coaching for all members. After playing for a season under Arbutus, we were finally accepted into BC Mainland Cricket League (BCMCL) as IndCan Cricket Club in January 2010. Since then our club has continued to grow rapidly with now over 75 registered members.

Besides playing cricket, our members actively organise family picnics, get-togethers and give back to the community by running donation drives.


Indcan Cricket Club
Indcan Cricket Club5 days ago
2018 SEASON Week 2

Team 2 Match Report

Indcan II 36/5 (13) vs West Coast Tamils III 35 a/o (24.1)
IndCan II won by 5 wickets
Abhinav Ajaykumar 5/8 (9.0)
Ganesh Deore 2/18 (9.0)

A great weekend for IndCan with all three teams winning comprehensively! Having been sent in to bowl first, Ganesh and I replicated what team 2 did yesterday bowling our share of 18 overs to get them down to 22/7.. “Deep square” (deepinder and Deep) wiped out their tail to get them all out for 35.. Atharva was brilliant behind the wickets and ended up getting 3 catches to his name. He displayed some amazing dives down the legside to save valuable runs, which I’m sure even his idol Dhoni (aka God in Atharva’s terms) would be proud of! Arjun and Ganesh took really good catches in the field to showcase a brilliant fielding performance!

Team mate's note on captains performance "It was an absolutely brilliant bowling display by Abhinav.. with his pace and accuracy, he demolished Tamils’ top order, paving the way for an easy win.. with 10 wickets in 2 matches, he’s leading the attack from the front.. looking forward to the season and putting my money on Abhinav (no longer junior 😉) to be the best bowler in the division!! 🍻🍻 "

Chasing a modest 36 to win, we started with our regular openers Aniket and Fuhar hoping for a 10 wicket victory.. but we lost both our openers early on, and Amrinder and Pulkit steadied the ship for a while. Amrinder was unluckily run out by Pulkit and with the score at 11/3, we felt it was not the time for any more experimentation. Our trusted spidey (Pramod) was sent out to the middle, and as always he made batting look like child’s play! Such was the ease at which the two of them were batting that our score was around 29/3 courtesy of a might 6 and 4 from Pulkit, and a boundary from spidey.. Pulkit got out lbw (to which he responded by saying “yaar across nahi maarna tha” as he walked back to the pavilion) and in went deepinder to finish the game. At the scores being level, deepinder tried to finish the game in style with a heavy swing but he was caught out in the deep. Spidey completed the win without any hassles to make it 3 wins in 3 games for team 2. A great start to the season and couldn’t have asked for more from the team!! It was complete domination from our team today! Let’s hope to keep the momentum going for all three teams! The only unanswered questions remains - “lekin Pulkit ne Amrinder ko kyun run out karaya?😂😛” Indcan wants to know!

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#pukitsingleletahaibakirunouthotehai #3in3INDCAN #manymoretocome
Indcan Cricket Club
Indcan Cricket Club5 days ago
2018 SEASON Week 2

Team 3 : Match Report

IndCan III 90 a/o (26.0) vs MaterBlaster II 68 a/o (24.1)
IndCan III won by 22 runs
Kuntal 25
Robin Arora 5/11 (9.0)

How fortunate we were to have been bestowed such a beautiful day to offer our ritualistic homage to this game we all sanctify and worship like a religion.

Indcan 3 arrived early looking resplendent in blue and won the toss and elected to bat.

The bowling was quite pedestrian however our early season haze did not seem to have lifted as we lost 4 quick wickets due to the usual trinity of poor shot selection, poor run calling and my personal pain point, poor umpiring. We are brought up to play by rules and accept umpiring decisions however umpires need to be accountable for their actions too. We can accept bad umpiring decisions but yesterday we had an individual that from the get go was so preoccupied with his cell phone that one could have mistaken it for him having his own third umpire guiding him.

His phone would ring constantly and was so disconcerting as it often resonated higher than our very own human boom box Manu. His phone would bellow mid run up, followed by a mad scramble to silence it. No real apologies from him though. On more than one occasion he got critical decisions wrong with his hand and phone firmly planted to his ear.

Umpires this year have been provided sweeping powers to moderate and be punitive against players and teams that exhibit poor cricket principles. Surely umpires, their clubs and the umpire committee need to be accountable for their careless attitude. Something for all our umpires to ponder 🤔

Back to the game. The skipper played well and lead by example in his usual manner and was ably supported by a cavalier innings from Kuntal followed by a swashbuckling innings from Tarun and a mature knock from Nur. Our innings did not quite go to plan and despite the poor decisions we need to learn to bat the situation of the game. This will happen and further good results will be the outcome.

We set a paltry target of 93 which is nonetheless a target that can lull you into a false sense of security. Our bowlers and fielders were in fine form and before lunch we had the opposition precariously positioned at 43 for 7. Robin was his in imperious form and made some aggressive and bold bowling and fielding changes. Abhishek and Ikram took match winning catches against their top batters and as a result kept the team spirit at peak levels.

At lunch, the difference in the way the 2 clubs are run and managed was evident. Indcan were all seated together and ate together. The opposition were scattered and just feeling sorry for themselves.

We wanted to wrap up the game but in true Indcan fashion, we slowed down the pace and allowed the juniors their time to feel good about their game and to shine, and they were brilliant. A 12 year old pint-sized titan showed all of the true art of batting and won over our hearts. He batted out the innings and remained not out and his tenacity, happiness and focus reaffirms my love this game.

Yes we won, but some of the opposition players won our hearts. The parents of the kids were naturally elated by their kids performances but what touched me most was that their entire team, the parents and spectators came out to shake our hands and thank us for the game and our sporting gestures throughout.

Proud Incanian

#proundindcan #greatspiritmasterblaster #captiantakes5
Indcan Cricket Club
Indcan Cricket Club5 days ago

Team 1: Match Report

IndCan I vs Abbotsford IV
Abbotsford IV 47 a/o (25.3) IndCan I 48/4 (25)
Raj Wardhan 4/8 (9.0)
Vipin Ramesh 3/12 (9.0)
IndCan I won by 6 wickets

When I woke up this morning, little did I know, I was going to be the Captain for Team 1 today! For that matter, to be honest I did not even think I would play a Div 2 game ever....That said, it felt a bit like I walked to a team that I have played with a long time...

so to summarize team 1’s game today, I would say, the opening spells from Bipin and Raj was one of the best I have seen in the recent past! Long story short, the opposition was 19 for 7 by the time they finished their spells...enough said! They bowled incredible line and lengths and I would say the opposition did not know how to play in our home turf! A true testament to their bowling was a comment overheard from the opposition batter was - “yeh to bilkul accurate bowling dal rahe hai” - our openers bowled their heart out for a straight 18 overs and had the opposition on the mat from the word go! Atul, and Garry then cleaned the tail and we were chasing 48 to win the game. Team play in that on the field we kept on energy high, caught most of our catches and built the pressure through the opposition innings.

Our openers - John and Prashanth looked good for a while until both got out to unfortunate run outs. And Anand Singh and Atul were in to bat. I have played with Anand before and his cool and calm approach to the game should be an inspiration to many out young players in our club!

And the Atul...what can I say...i have always loved this young kid and have seen him grow and mature both as bowler and batsmen! He scored singles freely and the loose balls were despatched to the boundary nonchalantly with a classic left handed elegance! He finished unbeaten 21 with 3 boundaries and a wicket...#wellplayedAtul

The Anand and Atul’s partnership.... brought us to about 10 runs to get! After Anand got out, soon followed by Raj’s walked Pramod...our very own spidey! Who despite his injured ankle played the game so that team 1 had proper 11 players to field ...between Atul and Spidey...they made sure we got to the score without any further hiccups..

For me, winning this game without our team 1 regulars (read superstars) like Ankit, Nikhil and Harsimran only tells me that this team can lift the shield and top the division if we can continue to apply and play as we played today with conviction and belief that Div 1 here we come...

#whocan, #proud, #wellplayedteam!

Men of the match: Raj (4 wickets) and Bipin (3 wickets)

#BipinRamesh #Rajtoonicetotake5
Indcan Cricket Club
Indcan Cricket Club5 days ago
IndCan I vs. Newton Surrey II
Newton Surrey II: 101 a/o (41.2) IndCan I: 55 a/o (30.2)
Newton Surrey II won by 46 runs
Raj Wardhan 4/30 (9.0) , Ankit Pathare 1/8 (5.0) ,Vipin Ramesh 0/17 (9.0)
Captain's report by Ankit Pathare:
The 2018 regular season was finally underway. After the first game scheduled rained out it was a welcome sight to see blues skies and a green outfield and the first game on the recently installed mat. Having lost the toss, which may have been a blessing in disguise owing to the new mat, Newton Surrey decided to bat first. Ankit and Vipin started the proceedings and they were very miserly. The only runs being scored were off extras and hardly any off the bat. Ankit broke through with the first wicket of the season by trapping the opener leg before. Vipin meanwhile was very unlucky having inside edges just miss the stumps, batsmen getting beaten and get a catch dropped off him in second slip and an edge bisecting the first slip and the diving Sudipta. Runs were hard to come by but so were wickets. The batsmen were trying to get through the first spell when Garry was introduced into the attack. The batsmen tried to attack him to release the pressure but to little avail as runs were just coming quick enough. As the pressure was building the first run out was affected by Ankit. The next wicket to fall was also a runout affected by John and the pressure was telling on the batsmen. Nikhil was brought into the attack to replace Vipin after an excellent spell of disciplined bowling and Raj was brought in to replace Garry and he struck right away by getting the opening batsman. He soon took another wicket of one of their best batsmen and it was looking all good. By the break, the score was 36/5. From that point onwards, there was some tough resistance by the lower order and we also lost some intensity on the field. A few dropped chances, and half chances falling in no man's land. Raj kept taking wickets and Nikhil, Harsimran and Garry took 1 wicket a piece to finish their innings up with a total of 101.
John and Prashanth got the innings off to a brisk start with a few good shots and aggressive running between the wickets. Things were looking good at 19/0 in 3 overs when Prashanth got out to a mistimed pull shot. Garry was the next batsman in and he got a good ball that bounced a bit, caught the handle of the bat and an ended up an easy catch at slip. While things were still looking good but John also got out in the next over, another soft dismissal while trying to flick a ball. Nikhil and Raj were holding the fort and were looking good. Unfortunately, Nikhil also got a ball that bounced more than expected and it ballooned over to square led got an easy catch. Ankit went in to bat and the team was looking for a partnership badly. Raj got unlucky with an LBW decision that went against him and the team was still looking for a solid stand. Ankit was looking good with Anand supporting him well and but the slow wicket meant shot making was not easy and Ankit also fell for to an uppish drive to mid off. Anand meanwhile, was trying to hold one end down but was running out of partners. Sudipta also was unlucky when he was caught in front of the wickets to a bowler bowling around the wicket. Vikram and Anand held their end up to arrest the landslide of wickets. While they had a commendable attempt to get close to the target the lower order was just left with too much to do and we ended up losing the game. It was just one of those innings where nothing worked and the rub of the green just didn’t go our way. In hindsight, it was good to get such a game out of the way early and use the result to galvanize us to focus and perform better.

#Outofthesystem #comebackStrong !!!
Indcan Cricket Club
Indcan Cricket Club4 weeks ago
Mixed day for the club as Indcan 2 won their opening game in Div 5 whereas IndCan 3 lost their game at Sperling. Win or lose, having fun should never stop. Special mention to Atharva who took a hat trick on debut #whocanindcan #hattrickondebut #2018season